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Baron W. Sherrill Sr.
Master Plumber, Owner
My name is Baron Sherrill and I am the owner of Excalibur Water Heaters. I started
Excalibur in 1998 as a small construction company. I was trained in all of the trades and
have done everything from small remodels to full home rehabs. In 2005 I decided I wanted
to focus on one trade which was plumbing and specifically to only install water heaters. At
the time there was only one very large company that only did water heaters and they had a
very bad reputation of not treating customers fairly and not following up on problems that
developed after the heater was installed. I knew that if I focused on installing a quality
product at a fair price and back up my work I would do well.
Here we are 12 years later and we are doing better than I ever expected. I stopped
counting how many heaters I've installed at 5000 and that was years ago. To this day I still
follow the same rule I established many years ago to install a quality product and stand
behind that product and my work. I've established an almost perfect business reputation
based on that rule and will continue to follow it.
Feel free to ask for me personally when you call or if you have any questions about how
we can serve you and your hot water needs.
Paul Riccetti
 Master Plumber
Paul is my most senior guy and is quickly catching up to me in the number of heaters
installed. Paul came into the water heater world in 2009 when I heard from a friend he was
driving a truck for a flooring company and he was looking for a better career path. I had
gone through several apprentices over the years but I could never find anyone who I felt
was serious about learning the trade. Paul from day one was fantastic and learned very
quickly. He rode with me for almost two years until I felt he as ready and put him out on his
own to deal with customers and situations by himself.
He may look young when you meet him but I assure you he has installed more water
heaters than most guys who have been doing plumbing for 20 years. Paul is also our
repair specialist and is a wizard when it comes to diagnosing problem heaters and fixing
the issue.
Anthony Achermann
       Master Plumber
In 2012 I was talking with Paul one day and I told him I think we are getting busy enough
that we need to bring someone else on board and get him trained. I asked him if he knew
anyone that had a good work ethic that we could train to do the work that we do. He said
he would think about it and talk with a few of his friends and get back to me. A few days
later Paul said that he had a friend who was going to school part time and was working as a
stocker at Safeway and was interested. When I met Anthony I was impressed with his
eagerness to learn something new and since he spent a lot of time working on cars I knew
he had a mechanical background to built off of. Anthony worked three to four days a week
when he wasn't
in school and spent time with me and Paul learning about water heaters.
When he graduated school with a business degree he went to work full time. Anthony
racked up enough hours working for me and with school credits qualified to take the exam
to become a Master Plumber and he passed the test on the first try. Anthony has spent a
lot of time specifically with tank less water heaters and now currently does most of those
installations. Anthony is also the guy you will most likely see and talk to if your job takes
place on a Saturday.
Below are the two independent contractors that work with me to provide you with
the best service in the industry. Both have been working with me for years and  
have been personally trained by me. Both will give you the very best work and
service that I know you demand and expect.